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Toyota Hilux Vs Acura Integra

November 29,2016

Used Japanese Cars have become more of a trend these days. The story originally originated a couple of decades back when Japan pulled in all its efforts in auto and tech industry after suffering a bad time. Today, all around the world, people import Japanese used cars on massive scale due to the durability and reliability. Here, we are having quick glance to the two models of Japanese Automaker which is Acura and Toyota. Preparatory with Toyota first which is known to be the foremost manufacturer of Japanese cars while famous all around the world. People find is so dependable and reliable that they even wish to come up with its sub - division Daihatsu of the respective automaker. It has an enormous impact and portion on the economy of Japan whereas people even claim for this brand when we give a view to Japanese Used Cars. Acura Motors is another automaker which belongs to the same auto industry whereas possesses a reliable image all times among the people. You can also find various models manufactured by Acura to be showed at auction house reachable for you through JP Vehicles. They can be straightforwardly obtained whereas the source is reliable as well. Furthermore, Acura is known and delighted manufacture some of the striking models which has the real power to rock the market.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Motor Corp. is the manufacturer of the specific automobile whereas it has a sub – division named as Daihatsu which is regarded to be the leader of automotive industry all over the world. If we give a look to the dimensions of the specific model, it comes with the length, width and height of 5260 mm, 1760 mm and 1795 mm respectively. It has a curb weight of 1800 kg and seating capacity of 5 people. It has 5 doors, automatic transmission type, 4 cylinders with 4 valves and its respective configuration to be in line. It is integrated with petrol as fuel type and system to be EFI. Double wishbone and Leaf Rigid is front and rear of the front and rear suspension. It comes with a steering type of Rack and Pinion with Hydraulic Pump and power assisted is Hydraulic power steering. As far as the front and rear brakes are concerned, they are ventilated disc and drum as front and rear for both. Alloy wheels is of 16 in and tyres of 265. In case we give a look to the luxury features this specific model of Toyota offers, they are Air conditioner, power windows, anti – lock braking system and power steering. As far as air bags are concerned, they are available for driver and passengers both while rest of the luxury features are of power door locks, immobilizer, cup holders, alloy wheels, power door locks, tubeless tyres, sun roof / moon roof, central locking, steering adjustment, tachometer, front fog lights, rear defroster, power seats, defogger, radio, CD / DVD player and keyless entry.

Acura Integra

Acura is regarded to be known to be the foremost manufacturer of Japanese cars while famous all around the world. People prefer to buy units from them due to the reliability and dependability it comes with whereas considers it to be a respective automaker. It has an enormous impact on the Japanese economy of whereas people even claim for this brand when we give a view to Japanese Used Cars. Here we are going to discuss the Acura Integra. It comes with four - wheel drive, manual functioning and 3 doors. The Acura Integra being a Sport Coupe with manual functioning offers good value for the investment you make and considered to be best of its kind. Moreover, it has other features such as it comes with good and enjoyable ride and appreciable safety scores and systems. EPA classifications shows Acura Integra to be the sport sub – compact with four - wheel drive and three doors whereas it has the capacity for 4 passengers. It has an interior designed to be of Second Shoulder Room, Front Leg Room, Front Hip Room and Passenger Volume to be 48.8 in, 42.7 in, 50.3 in and 77.1 fts respectively. Furthermore, it has Second Leg Room of 28.1 in, Front Head Room of 38.6 in, Second hip room of 44.1 in, Front Shoulder Room of 51.7 in, passenger capacity of 4 people and second head room of 35.0 in accordingly. Exterior of the following model is designed to be of Track Width front and rear, Length, Height, Wheelbase, Width, Max w/o mirrors and Lift over Height of 58.1 in and 57.8 in each, 172.4 in, 52.6 in, 101.2 in and 67.3 in respectively. It has disc rear and front brakes along with ABS system of 4 wheel whereas the fuel tank capacity is of 13.2 gal. Moreover, it has turning diameter of 34.8 along with steering type of variable power. The curb weight of Acura Integra is of 2643 lbs while it has a fuel economy for city and highway is of 25 mpg and 31 mpg respectively. W / Coil Springs and Double Wishbone is front and rear of the front and rear suspension respectively.

Hopefully, this was a nice piece of writing for comparing two diverse models. If you want to get the particular Japanese Used cars, do check out JP Vehicles which has a huge diversity in its products. It offers the minimum price range for importing second hand Japanese cars. Do add more to it or give your suggestion in the comment box below as your participation means a lot to us!
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