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Membership Packages

Becoming a registered member of JP Vehicles – Japan, you enjoy an access to 100 auction houses which allows you to view 30,000 cars per day. From a complete car to car parts along with all major details. You can browse through the showcased Japanese Used Vehicles from your home and choose which you look the most. The process followed for buying a used car at JP Vehicles is really quick and easy. Mentioned below are the steps you need to follow:

Become a Registered Member

Registration with JP Vehicles allows
you with an access to the entire stock
available at multiple auction houses
with authenticity.

Security Deposite

The amount you deposit while registering with JP Vehicles is to hold a bid on any of the car you wish. In case, you get unsuccessful, you can go for next bid or security deposit you have deposited fully refundable (except bank charges which are minimum USD 50 or 5,000 JPY) which is adjustable in customer’s account based on customer’s request. Initially, the minimum amount you need to deposit in order to register is JPY 100,000 or US $1,000 which allows you to bid for a vehicle worth less than JPY 500000 and US $5,000.
You may view the table below which possesses both the details - Security Deposit Schedule and Bidding Deposit Details.


Deposit Amount:$ 0 / ¥ 0
Buying Budget: $ 0 / ¥ 0
Purchasing Limit Can use member features.


Deposit Amount:$ 1000 / ¥ 100000
Buying Budget: $ 10000 / ¥ 1000000
Purchasing Limit 1 Unit


Deposit Amount:$ 2000 / ¥ 200000
Buying Budget: $ 20000 / ¥ 2000000
Purchasing Limit 3 Units


Deposit Amount:$ 3000 / ¥ 300000
Buying Budget: $ 30000 / ¥ 3000000
Purchasing Limit 4 Units


Deposit Amount:$ 5000 / ¥ 500000
Buying Budget: $ 40000 / ¥ 4000000
Purchasing Limit 10 Units


Deposit Amount:$ 10000 / ¥ 1000000
Buying Budget: $ 10000000 / ¥ 100000000
Purchasing Limit No Limit

Auction Result

We will notify you with the result of your bid. Once you win the bid, we will send you the proforma invoice that includes total price of car(s) FOB or C&F. The price will be calculated from the original buying price of auction.

Final Payment

The final payment will be required in 7 working days. Payments made on the committed time will help us to save your order from cancellation. In case of order cancellation 10% of the total selling value will be deducted from your deposit.


The shipment will be done as soon as the payment is confirmed. Note: At JP Vehicles, you will find the best shipping services with lowest freight charges.


As the ship leaves from Japan, we will send all the documents by EMS, DHL or FedEx. The documents included are;

  • Export Certificate
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Final Invoice
  • Marine Insurance (if required)
  • JAAI/JVIC/QIS Inspection and other inspections, (if required)

Note: There are no extra or hidden charges other than C&F or CIF price

Payment Method

You can arrange payment via Telegraphic Transfer / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through your bank. All bank charges must be paid by the sender. Please, ensure that payment in US Dollars or Japanese Yen is acceptable and including your Invoice number & Stock number in the description field is compulsion.

Once the payment has been arranged, we require confirmation of payment via email contact@jpvehicles.com and Phone Number +81-505-539-4395. The amount of the payments decided on the mutual agreement must be made in one full installments because JP Vehicles will only arrange the shipping once the complete payment is received. For further information about shipping and payments, you must go through the document of terms & conditions or contact us via contact@jpvehicles.com.

Return Policy

  • If due to any reason, you are not able to bid for a car and wants to get refund, a request for refund must be sent.
  • US $50 or JPY 5000 will be deducted from the amount paid for membership as bank charges. This is the cost for sending money back from Japan.
  • Amount will be returned in 15 business days after receiving the request for refund the deposited amount.

Note: There are no extra or hidden charges other than C&F or CIF price

Vehicle Refusal Charges

If customer refuses to purchase bid vehicle, the liability will be on the customer which will make him to pay YEN 100,000 charges accordingly.

In case of refusal of importing the vehicle and has to be re-auctioned, the customer will be liable to pay all other expenses that have been done by the company additionally to YEN 100,000 charges.