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Tadano Japanese Used Cars

Tadano Ltd is commonly known as Tadano which is regarded as the largest most Japanese manufacturer of aerial work platforms and cranes. Worldly records regard Tadano to be seven largest crane manufacturer while going into the basic details of this automobiles manufacturer, natively it is known as 株式会社タダノ while it is a publically owned company. It is working in the industry of machinery and founded by Masuo Tadano almost 67 years ago. It was founded in Takamatsu, Kagawa on August 24, 1948. Currently, its headquarters are also located in Takamatsu, Kagawa – Japan. Koichi Tadano is currently owning the seats of CEO and President. Products of Tadano are Truck Loader Cranes, Construction Cranes and Aerial Work Platforms. According to the calculations done of March 31, 2014, number of employees occupied by Tadano LTD are 3,227.

JP Vehicles assist you in three different stocks where you can easily find Tadano Japanese Used Vehicles. If you cannot afford brand new Tadano vehicles, then you can easily find one from Japanese Used Vehicles. It is really convenient now to import Tadano used cars from Japan to any part of the world in really reasonable ocean freights charges. For further information, contact our customer support without any hesitation.

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