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Ocean freight from japan to Grenada

Grenada is a Caribbean Islands which lies in between Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Ocean, at the north of Trinidad and Tobaga. Though there is not an internal reservoir of water on Island but externally, it has a coastline of 121 KM. It owns a lot of natural resources such as deepwater harbors, tropical fruit and timber. Due to northeast trade winds, its climate is temperate and tropical.

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Saint George`s, Grenville (Grenada)

Age Restriction

Vehicles have no age restrictions but under 4 years old cars have less taxes (e.g 2008 and onwards)

Delivery Time

Approximately 8 weeks depending on the vessel schedule


No specific inspection required officially.


This information may be changed according to the requirements without any prior notice. It is suggestion to contact JP Vehicles agents in order to inquire latest updates in regards to the policies and likewise.
Grenada Ports & Freights
Port Shipping rate / M3

Ocean freight to Grenada for some popular cars

Given below is a list of popular cars with their freight from Japan to Grenada. Please note that these are estimated rates. Final car freight rates to Bahamas will be calculated at the time of puchase.

Toyota Prius
Freight from Japan to Grenada
Toyota Vitz
Freight from Japan to Grenada
Toyota Cruiser Prado
Freight from Japan to Grenada