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Auction Guide

JPVehicles.com for the ease of its customers has developed an auction guide. Through this auction guide you will get help to know the exact condition of the car mentioned in the auction sheet.

You just have to go through the points in following and read the auction sheet; you will be clear about the car placed in the auction. Please note that this auction sheet is prepared by the third party, the experts of auction. There is no hand of the seller in preparing it so you will get the actual picture of the car.

The points of auction guide is as follow

Exterior Auction Grade
Grade Details
S Like new in condition, under 5,000 Km
5 Vehicle is like new. All parts are new. No repair needed on vehicle. Normally given to vehicles less than 3 years.
4.5 Vehicle is in excellent condition. No dents or slight scratches
4 The condition of vehicle is good. Only few scratches or dents as in normal cars
3.5 Vehicle has few scratches or dents are visible. This grade is given to vehicle in average condition
3 There are various scratches or dents. Some paints faults
2 Nonstandard car. Badly stained or modified car
1 Inferior car or badly modified car
RA or R1 The vehicle had been in a minor accident but repaired to an acceptable standard
R or A A vehicle which has been in an accident where some parts have been repaired or replaced.
Interior Auction Grade
A Like new, no faults
B Clean condition, slightly dirty
C Clean but with cigarette burns
D Dirty or stinky or big rips on seat

Sample Auction Sheet with English Translation

Abbreviations in Auction Sheet
AC Air conditioner AAC Climate control air conditioner
FA/AT Automatic transmission CA Column automatic transmission
F5 Manual (5-speed) transmission F6 Manual (6-speed) transmission
PS Power steering PW Power windows
SR Sunroof TV Television
AW Original alloy wheels KAWA Leather seats
NAVI Navigator AIRBAGU Airbag

A1 Small Scratch
A2 Small Scratch
A3 Big Scratch
B - Dent with scratch
E1 Few Dimples
E2 Several Dimples
E3 Many Dimples
U1 Small Dent
U2 Dent
U3 Big Dent
W1 Repair Mark/Wave (hardly detectable)
W2 Repair Mark/Wave
W3 Obvious Repair Mark/Wave (needs to be repainted)
S1 Rust
S2 Heavy Rust
C1 Corrosion
C2 Heavy Corrosion
P - Paint marked
H - Paint faded
X Need to be replaced
XX Replaced
B1 Distortion on (radiator) core support or back panel (approximately size of a thumb)
B2 Big Distortion on (radiator) core support or back panel
Y1 Small Hole or Crack
Y2 Hole or Crack
Y3 Big Hole or Crack
X1 Small Crack on Windshield (approximately 1cm)
R Repaired Crack on Windshield
RX Repaired Crack on Windshield (needs to be replaced)
X Crack on Windshield (needs to be replaced)
G - Stone chip in glass